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The Bus Stop

January 21 2015

Today I had a rather interesting experience waiting for the bus.  (I usually bike from my car to my office, but I brought in my electric tea kettle today, so I decided to take the bus).

A woman waiting for the bus comments that it is always late (I think — not my experience, it’s always very punctual … but then again, I usually don’t take it).  Trying to make conversation, I ask why the route has changed.  She explains that it is because so many people are taking it (again, not my experience), so they needed to start using bigger buses.  She then comments that it doesn’t seem like the buses are bigger though.  (what do I know about this one?)  She made some comment about how bad the traffic is and how she hates waiting for the bus and then waiting in traffic.  Again, this is not my experience.

For a few minutes, I was perplexed.  I think she was trying to be nice and make conversation, but everything just came across so negative.  And, I think this happens a lot when we have casual conversations with strangers.  For some reason, it’s easier to complain or to say something negative than it is to say something positive.  I wonder if I ever come across so negative … I hope not, but I’ll think twice about complaining about the weather next time it’s “almost” freezing outside.