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Our Website is Up!

March 9 2013

Our Website is Up!

Dave has put together a website for our wedding.  We’re slowly adding things to it, but at least the website looks complete now.  🙂

I noticed today that we did not put the wedding date on the website yet … whoops!



September 12 2011

I just finished updating my weekend project: updating my website.  If you have any comments/suggestions, please let me know!  I will be sending out emails shortly (hopefully this week) looking for post-doc positions.  🙂

While doing this, I came across two websites that were helpful for me.  First, the Color Palette Generator takes the URL of an image and gives you the color palette that matches it.  The second website was the Color Schemer.  If you give it a color, then it gives you a potential color scheme for you to use.