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Anniversary Weekend: Part I

May 31 2014

At our wedding, we had two AMAZING cakes.  Unfortunately, the only cake that we actually ate was the cake that we shoved in each other’s faces.  And, we never had a proper cake tasting where we could try different types of cakes.  So, for our anniversary, I fixed that.


eyes closed ... ready for the surprise

eyes closed … ready for the surprise

I didn’t tell Dave where we were going, but I made sure that he would have coffee with him to go along with the cakes.  When we got close, I had him close his eyes until I parked then walked with him (eyes closed) to the Swiss Confectionery storefront.   I told him to open his eyes and he immediately started to jump up and down.  The owner was super nice to us, allowing us to sample the cakes even though we were married one year ago.  Of course, we bought some cupcakes, petit fours, and cookies on our way out as well.  The cakes were absolutely delicious.  Our favorite was the secret family recipe with a pineapple filling.  Delicious.

sampling the flavors

sampling the flavors

After we got home, we both did a little bit of work: me finishing up my presentation for Japan next week and him watching an online lecture that he wanted to see.  Then, we made lunch: homemade veggie burgers from the freezer topped with bacon and avocado. We paired that with mimosas in our fancy Waterford goblets!

mimosas in fancy glasses

mimosas in fancy glasses


Thank You Cards are Ordered!

October 27 2013

They say that you have one year to get a wedding gift.  I took that very seriously when my friend April married her husband Steve.  So, Dave and I decided to design a fabric in honor of their wedding and then make them various things for the house in that pattern.  We designed and ordered the fabric, and I decided on the items that we were to make.  Unfortunately, this was while we were in graduate school … and I was living in Austria.  Even though we didn’t have it complete by the wedding, we figured that we could finish the project in one year.  Three years later, I still haven’t completed the wonderful gift that I was going to make them.  Fortunately, April is still my friend.  I will finish this project.  Better late than never, right?

For other weddings, we decided that we would not bank on me making a gift if it was not ready by the wedding date.  We learned our lesson.

Our wedding has come and gone, and now we need to write thank-you cards.  With me moving and traveling often, it took us a while to get the photos from the photographer, design the card, and order it.  And, finally, as of today, the thank you cards are ordered.  I hope this is still within an acceptable time-frame.  I feel a bit of relieve that it is no longer hanging over my head that I need to order the cards; however, when they arrive, that relieve will come to an end.

Post-Wedding Nightmare

September 15 2013

It was the day of the wedding, and I realized that I did not schedule the hair and makeup, nor had I shaven my legs.  And, Dave and I were both running around frantically … so, we saw each other all day.  Things were not going well.

To do my hair, I looked into the crowd of guests that was forming and choose the person with the best looking hairdo that day.  It was Brittany, a girl that I went to gradeschool with (who I did not invite to my real wedding, but I guess I invited to my dream wedding).  While someone was running to get her, I found a room with running water … it turns out that it was the room that the groomsmen were hanging out it (why I didn’t go to a bathroom, I don’t know … or, maybe they were in the bathroom).  So, I shaved my legs while talking to the groomsmen.  (I was wearing shorts, so it’s ok).

I thought after the wedding, these nightmares would stop.  But, I guess not.

Eve of Wedding

June 4 2013

On 1 June 2013, I married the best man in the world! The day before it, I was a mess.

In the stressful times leading up to the wedding, everyone assured me that it will be worth it and the day of — everything will be wonderful. I doubted that at times, but they were right. It turned out to be the best day of my life.

The morning began with Dave and me running errands … and realizing that Men’s wearhouse does not carry his tux size. We called around to various places trying to locate an appropriate shirt. This is not the way to start off the eve of the wedding.

The rehearsal itself was a bit chaotic. My father showed up an hour late and my aunts barely made it due to traffic getting to the location. No one seemed to be listening to me … and David and I still had not memorized our vows. Needless to say, I probably seemed very stressed and worried to all, because I was. At the rehearsal dinner, we’ll just say that tensions were high. The food was excellent (and abundant).

I returned home around 11 or 11:30 the night before the wedding. After sending an email to the bridal party and family about last minute details, I went to bed. But, I didn’t go to sleep until 4:30. I was practicing my vows in bed. Then all of a sudden it hit me and I was too nervous to sleep. I tossed and turned, and I am not entirely convinced that I ever really fell asleep.

Our Website is Up!

March 9 2013

Our Website is Up!

Dave has put together a website for our wedding.  We’re slowly adding things to it, but at least the website looks complete now.  🙂

I noticed today that we did not put the wedding date on the website yet … whoops!

First Wedding Nightmare

September 22 2012

Last night I had my first wedding nightmare.  Hopefully there aren’t more to come.  In my wedding nightmare, the following happened:

  • I forgot to wear shoes on the wedding day.
  • I forgot to paint my nails, so there was old nail polish wearing off and uneven nails!
  • I spilled my lunch on my wedding dress, but didn’t realize this until I was about to walk down the aisle.
  • I was late getting to the church because Jessie and I had to go somewhere to meet someone (for what, I don’t know).
  • Right as the ceremony was about to start, a few of our wedding guests decided to have a meeting at the back of the venue.  They were sitting in a circle at the end of the aisle.  I yelled at them and kicked them out of the wedding.
  • We forgot to inform the people who should be reading at our wedding that they were going to read.  So, Merri was running around trying to find the 2 readers and tell them what their reading was (we also didn’t have it printed for them, so we asked them to look it up on their smart phones).
  • Dave saw me before the wedding ceremony.

I think those were all of the horrors.  Strange thing is that I’m not worried about the wedding yet, but maybe my subconscious is …

My Return

February 9 2012

After a respite, I am back in Austria and back to blogging.

The Trip: I would consider myself the seasoned cross-atlantic traveler.  Unfortunately, airlines don’t try to make it easier for you the more you fly.  Lufthansa changed my favorite policy: SKI BAGS NO LONGER FLY FOR FREE!  While my ski bag has ALWAYS flown free, I had to pay $100 to bring it to Europe with me this time.  Although I gave them a hard time, the angry lady behind the counter would not offer me any break.  This has changed in just these past few months.  Hopefully, the ski bag can fly home for free since I fly out of Vienna, which is operated by Austrian Airlines.  I won’t even go into the rest of the things that went wrong with this trip, the list is too long.

The Weather: My arrival brought about the coldest weather that Europe has seen in DECADES.  The temperature has not risen above freezing since I have arrived.  Last week, the highs were -15C=5F!  This week is a bit better, we’ve seen almost -5C=23F, which was WARM ENOUGH FOR SNOW.  Can you believe it?  It had to warm up for it to snow!  Last week, I stepped outside of a coffee-shop and SAW the cold.  I wish that I had my camera on me, because the cold was visible.  It wasn’t foggy, but everything was a hazy blue.

A Surprise: Dave and I were invited to a wedding in Jakarta, Indonesia!

Peyton Gertrude Grady

September 6 2011
Peyton Gertrude Grady

Peyton Gertrude Grady, one day old

Just as Diana, Dave, and I were arriving at a wedding that we weren’t invited to, my mom calls me to tell me that Dana is about to have the baby and that I should head to the hospital.  Well, we stopped in the wedding and snuck a few H’orderves before heading her advice and heading out to Abington.  Although Peyton was born before we arrived at the hospital, we were there in just in time to be let into the hospital room with the rest of my family.  She is a beautiful baby girl!!!   I’ve uploaded the rest of the photos to my Picasa album.

We Started a Registry!

July 14 2011

Dave and I have begun to make our wedding registry.  We chose to use to consolidate all of our registries to make it easier to see everything on one website.  You can view our registry here:  Linked to this registry are two store registries, one for Williams-Sonoma and the other for Macy’s.  We chose Williams-Sonoma because they are known for their cooking products.  Macy’s was chosen because they have stores everywhere, and they give us 5% back on purchases made by our guests (which I don’t think other department stores do).  Since we haven’t gone into a store yet, we’ve only added items that we could pick out without actually seeing.

We initially only told a few people about the registry as we were figuring out how this worked.  Last night, we worked on finalizing our initial registry.  We removed unnecessary things, and we added the items at Williams-Sonoma.  Macy’s is having a sale now and the KitchenAid mixer was $100 off.  Dave was very excited about this and asked me if he should buy it, I said no.  Then he said “but it’s on sale …”  He seemed to be very excited about this mixer and I wasn’t sure why.  Today, I noticed that the KitchenAid mixer was already purchased for us!  I did not know who it was, so I talked it over with Dave.  We figured that it was his mother who bought it.  Then Dave says “I bought the mixer!!! It’s red!!!”  I just though “no way” and “I can’t believe he got so excited about a mixer”.  Then, he tries to re-assure me “but, it was on sale! we couldn’t pass this opportunity up!” At that point I was really worried.  The registry is a list of gifts for others to get us, not for us to get us!  After ten minutes of discussion (me telling him that he is crazy, and him yelling “it’s red!”), he finally told me that he did not purchase it.  I didn’t quite believe him at first.  I thought he really did get excited and buy the mixer, but (thankfully) he was just joking me.  We still didn’t know who bought it until I looked it up on Macy’s site.  His Aunt Barb & Uncle Barry bought it for us.  It’s probably a good thing too, because Dave probably would have purchased it anyway!  Now, he is talking about all of the attachments that we need to ask for, including the meat grinder so he can make his own burgers.  (I think this is the reason he wanted the KitchenAid in the first place).