mom and dad in jail

Picking mom and dad up from the town jail.

My parents and I are midway through our cross country road trip. I picked them up from the airport on Wednesday and we drove to Wichita Falls, TX. I had a grant deadline and a few paper reviews to write, so I set up a workstation for myself in the car, including a lapdesk, my laptop, a mouse, and tethering internet from my (well, Dave’s) iPad. From Wichita Falls, we went to Albequerque, NM and then onto Sedona, AZ. And now we are in the car heading to the Grand Canyon. I can’t say the same for my belongings though — they are sitting in Louisiana waiting for a driver still!

Favorite breakfast so far:
Coffee pot restaurant in Sedona, AZ.

Favorite lunch so far:
Mama’s fried chicken in some little twon in Louisiana … with fried oreos for dessert.

Favorite Dinner so far:
We had dinner with an amazing view at Four Winds Ranch just outside of Dallas, TX. I had steak tips wiht pasta. The food was great, but the atmosphere was amazing.

Favorite sight so far:
The petrified forest in Arizona, just east of Flagstaff.

mama's fried chicken

Dad tries a fried Oreo for the first time. He was in the middle of saying “ohh … this is good”

4W ranch

Sunset at Four Winds (4W) ranch in Texas.


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